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Hindsight’s a wonderful thing…but pointless when it comes to insurance

Hamilton Leigh is an independent commercial insurance broker. We are a team of problem solvers, innovators, creative thinkers and risk profilers. We provide cost-effective, efficient, insurance solutions; helping businesses reduce their risk exposure, incidents and claims and of course their insurance costs.

Navigating and negotiating insurance, whilst keeping abreast of exposures to risk, is an intricate affair demanding knowledge and experience with regulations, legal matters and finance. We help businesses achieve an enhanced understanding of the risks they are exposed to in order to negate such exposures.

“Being in business is about taking risks. Being successful in business is about managing risk. We help clients control the things they can control & understand the things they can’t”

The company was originally founded to serve the insurance needs of the Automotive, Technology, Manufacturing and Property sectors. Whilst we have continued to develop these specialisms, we have evolved into servicing many other business sectors.

What we bring to your business


An informed, expert corporate broking service. One that truly understands your business, your ethos, your culture and the challenges you face. One that identifies and proactively manages risk and ensures your claims are resolved quickly and smoothly.

Your Business, Our Focus

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