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Hindsight’s a wonderful thing…but pointless when it comes to insurance

Hamilton Leigh is an independent commercial insurance broker. We are a team of problem solvers, innovators, creative thinkers and risk profilers. We provide cost-effective, efficient, insurance solutions; helping businesses reduce their risk exposure, incidents and claims and of course their insurance costs.

Navigating and negotiating insurance, whilst keeping abreast of exposures to risk, is an intricate affair demanding knowledge and experience with regulations, legal matters and finance. We help businesses achieve an enhanced understanding of the risks they are exposed to in order to negate such exposures.

“Being in business is about taking risks. Being successful in business is about managing risk. We help clients control the things they can control & understand the things they can’t”

Please review our updates on Business Interruption Insurance and Unoccupied Property Cover to stay informed.


Hamilton Leigh has activated our remote working business plan to ensure we can continue to operate effectively should a number of our employees become ill, or are required to self-isolate due to the virus.

This is a unique situation which is continually changing. We are taking all pragmatic and sensible steps to ensure that we’re well prepared and well positioned to minimise the potential impact on the welfare of our people, while continuing to deliver on our service commitments to our clients.

Our operational resilience

We have put contingency plans in place to deal with potential disruption as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and we have implemented the necessary steps to maintain good customer service throughout this period. Specifically:

  • We have been liaising with all insurance companies around their operational resilience and business continuity to ensure we are prepared for any future changes in guidance and we remain in constant dialogue regarding plans.
  •  Our claims service remains our service priority to our clients and ensuring this continues to be well managed.
  • We have introduced measures to enable secure remote access to our IT systems so our people can work from home.
  •  In the event that the UK Government enforces office closures, we will be ready to respond in a manner which will not significantly disrupt our ability to continue to service our clients.

Our people

The health, safety and welfare of our people and our clients remain our priority. We continue to review and respond to the current advice and official guidelines from the UK government and health organisations. Specifically:

We are encouraging all people to follow the NHS general good practice guidance to prevent the spread of virus.

We have postponed all business travel and client facing meetings until further notice. We have introduced the use of Zoom video-conferencing instead.
We are also promoting digital forms of communication to ease the strain on our telephony capability and ensure that we can continue to service our clients effectively. Please wherever possible contact us using email.

Please follow us on our LinkedIn: Hamilton Leigh Ltd  or on Twitter @HamiltonLeigh which is where we will flag relevant updates rather than sending multiple emails.

The webpage we will be updating regularly is as follows:

Updated 19 th March 2020

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